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  • Zoho Expense Rapid Implementation

    An opportunity for Finance teams to reclaim their evenings & have dinner with their families again...

Tired of using spreadsheets to track your team's monthly expenses?

How many late nights have you had processing claims? 

How much time does your organisation spend on manually processing expense claims monthly?

Tired of manually balancing the books? 

Get going with 4 simple steps...

Step 1

Pre-qualify your organisation for the appropriate package

Step 2

Align on your specific needs over a virtual coffee

Step 3

B& configures your Zoho Expense & Accounting integration

Step 4

Add your team & start capturing expenses!

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Package Options
Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting tool that simplifies and streamlines organisational expense management, from receipt capture, to expense categorisation, to approval, and reconciliation. It enables organisations to do the following in an automated manner:
  • Receipt management & expense tracking 
  • Corporate card reconciliation
  • Expense report automation and management
  • Customised expense approval flows
  • Improved control over department- or organisation-specific expense policies, rules, and budgets

Zoho Expense is GDPR compliant & ISO certified. It automatically flags policy violations, duplicate entries and potential fraud, and provides you with easy access to all digital records, ensuring that you are always audit-ready.

No-Code Rapid Implementation

The No-Code Rapid Implementation package focuses on the implementation of Zoho Expense for no-code accounting apps such as Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage Business Cloud. 

Implementation Rate: R40 000

Implementation Duration:  1 week

Complex Rapid Implementation

The Complex Rapid Implementation package focus on the implementation of Zoho Expense for more complex ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle.

Implementation Rate: R60 000 - R120 000

Implementation Duration: 2 - 4 weeks