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About us

We are business people who help executive teams on a digital transformation journey,
using a people-centred approach.

Our story

Our story could not be more unintentionally, intentional. Organic some might say. 

We are deeply passionate about our individual callingsPursuing our personal journeys, our paths crossed and we humbly noted the potential synergies of our skillsets.

As specialists of process, technology, leadership and business design our confluence is a mere reflection of the principles of nature.

If we cross paths, we'd be eager to flow with you.

Our Principles

parity between our different perspectives.

happydemographically representative, culturally sensitive, consciousness aware people.

playing our part to ensure that tomorrow remains a  possibility


allow each person to bring and cultivate their gifts in a professional context. 


be the best we can be. Excellent. Humble. 


The potential effect, not the motive operandi. 10% of our net profit goes to good, forever.

Our team

Abré Roux

Co-CEO | Head of Digital
Transformation Success

Nelis Smit

Co-CEO | Head of Digital
Transformation Strategy

Jade Ables

Success Facilitator & Content Curator

JP Boshoff

Chief Technical Officer

Marí Clift

Senior Business Analyst

Waldo Nortje

Chief Digital Officer

Andri de Waal

Digital Engineer

Brandon Kotoane

Digital Engineer

Ilan Meintjes

Digital Analyst

Logan Arendse

Digital Engineer

Mia Maritz

Strategy Analyst & Executive Assistant

MJ Mahlafunya

Digital Engineer

Natalie Skeat

Digital Engineer

Inter-disciplinary consulting experts

Bert Schouwstra

Employee Relations Specialist

Dr. Elna Schoeman-Steenkamp

Clinical Psychologist

Henniel Smit

Strategy Advisor

Clients who trust us